Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Memory Recalled

The senses certainly do elicit memories. I had one this past week as I listened to Bucking the Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis. It was not the story itself, but rather the narrator on the CD. This fellow must have worked with the SuperKids Reading Series. All of a sudden I was surrounded by EttaBetta and the rest of the gang. At least some of my children learned how to read with this system. We had everything - the texts, workbooks and the tapes, thanks to my brother who sold them when he was a book representative. We all thought the SuperKids were wonderful, although I never heard of any school district actually using it. No matter, the lady who started it went on to different endeavors. Pleasant T. Rowland began the immensely successful American Girl Doll Company.


Katherine said...

Oh, I loved Superkids so much. Especially the story about the toy horse, and the one where they passed a stick around to tell stories. I'd love to read through those stories again.

Marie said...

Oh I miss the Superkids. I LOVED the Superkids!!!

Kim said...

It's nice to hear such fond memories of the Superkids reading program. The program has recently been updated and is available through the Rowland Reading Foundation. Feel fre to visit our website for a trip down memory lane (