Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrating Rockwell

As a child I heard stories that my grandfather Rockwell D Stewart and his sister Sylvia attended the Dana School of Music. I contacted the school at Youngstown State to inquire about early records. The music school director graciously sent me a book about the school's history,

William Henry Dana opened Dana's Musical Institute in Warren in 1869. It remained in Warren until 1941 when the school moved to Youngstown State University. On April 19th we visited both the Archives at the Youngstown State Library and the Warren Public Library. Neither place had my ancestors listed as students in their materials.

Rockwell was 16 in the 1870 census and Sylvia was 13. They lived with their parents John and Adeline Stewart in Lenox, Ohio. In the 1880 census Sylvia had married Chester Bailey. John Stewart died in 1876. The 1880 census lists Rockwell as single and living with his mother and younger brothers Elroy and Birch in Lenox. I believe the music education  of Rockwell and Sylvia ended abruptly when their father died. Rockwell would have had to go home to work the farm in his father's place.
Rockwell never lost his love of music. He played the fiddle for Saturday night dances in Lenox so I was told. Perhaps that is where he met the love of his life, Lillie Walton.
After returning home I reviewed the information I have about my grandfather Stewart. He died on April 19th, 1913. To our great surprise we had celebrated and remembered Rockwell D Stewart on the 103rd anniversary of his death.

 Pictured here are Rockwell D Stewart in Lenox with two of his six children.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

First Funny then Scary

Many years ago most Ohio State students looked forward to each issue of the campus humor magazine called THE SUNDIAL. We saved a few copies all these years.

                                A young Robert Stine edited the popular magazine.

I learned on NPR today that he went on to become Jovial Bob, an author of many joke books. He also wrote the jokes for Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers. Thanks to a suggestion from his editor, he went into the business of scaring  children with Goosebumps and Fear Street books. Stine does not employ a ghost writer. He writes all the books himself. I wish I could say I knew him then. I can only say we were Buckeyes together because I never actually bumped into him.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Different Expereience at the Shoe

   Our trip to Columbus began much later than usual because the Buckeyes played Penn State under the lights. We dressed warmly in our darkest clothes for Dark Night in the Shoe. Chilly fall weather descended upon Columbus as the sun went down, but it did not snow or rain.
   Before the game we spent a few minutes wandering in the area across from the stadium. The Heisman display featured Eddie George participating in a live interview. We also stopped by the DSW spot. They had a contest that involved throwing shoes through a target several feet away. I scored four times and won all the prizes they offered. (A blanket, a backpack and a water bottle) Everyone who tried the contest received a can holder and a $10 coupon. It pays to work out.

   With a big smile on my face, we headed over to the game. It was eerie to see all the Ohio State fans dressed in black. Night games build excitement and this one was no different.

   The Buckeyes won the game 38-10. We arrived home at 1:35am a bit weary but happy about the outcome.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Labor Day List

This list contains all the paid jobs of my life - at least the ones I can remember. I liked all the jobs and met many wonderful people along the way. Happy Labor Day.

1. Babysitting for a family with five children under ten. They paid really well, but I still marvel at the fact they had no books or other reading material in their beautiful home.

2. Office assistant for a physician. I wore a white jacket, answered the phone and sterilized equipment.

3. Club house worker at Maple Ridge Golf Course. This was my summer job during high school and college.

4. Page at The Ohio State University Library. I loved roaming around the upper floors of the John Oxley Thompson Library.

5. Bow marker for the Columbus Symphony.

6.  Assistant librarian at The Ohio State University School. This was my first job after graduating from OSU.

7.  Assistant librarian and Spanish teacher at Miami Trace High School.

8.  Librarian at Stow High School.

9.  Substitute teacher for Stow, Hudson and Woodridge School Districts.

10. District librarian with the Rootstown Local School District.

11. National Honor Society adviser for Rootstown High School.

12. Club house worker at Fox Den Golf Course.

13. Blossom Music Center usher.

14. Middle school librarian at Tallmadge Middle School.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Buckeye Saturday

No picture can do justice to the rainbow we saw on the way to Columbus for the OSU Rutgers game.

We met Don and Rosemary at the Delaware Bob Evans for a late breakfast. Don's father and my father were double first cousins and the best of friends growing up in Orwell.

Gracie is doing a report on famous people from Alabama. We took a picture of the statue Jesse Owens on our way to the stadium.

Who should be heading for the stadium at the same time that we were? It was Buck I Guy in all his glory. I think he likes to have his picture taken. We have seen him many times on ESPN.

              I was freezing so I bought a hat. It never hurts to recruit young talent.

Friday, August 01, 2014

The Tale of the Five Dollar Prius

My cousin Dorothy always gave me good advice. One time she told me there is nothing that cannot be accomplished when one plans ahead of time. When my identity was compromised a few years ago, I quit using plastic to pay for things - well with the exception of airline flights and a few things from Amazon. Since then we saved every five dollar bill that came along. It is amazing how they add up. We also made mythical monthly car payments. When Toyota had an Employee for a Day event recently, we could not resist.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Favorite Works of Art/List 6

Everything on the walls in my house has a special meaning to me. This list includes a select few.

Katherine Willis Pershey painted the Blue Lady. It won first prize at the Junior Classical League state convention. It is slightly creepy because it is so big, but we love it anyway.

This picture is a gift from Marie Willis Taylor. It reminds me of all the books I have read and have yet to read

Cheyenne Frontier Days is one of the oldest and best rodeos in the country. What fun!

These two are brothers, but led very different lives. William Morris Stewart (left) left home at age 14. He became the first U.S. Senator from the state of Nevada. John Stewart (right) was my great-grandfather. He became a successful farmer in Ohio.

    I love pictures with people reading in them. This is a special favorite of mine.

Several years ago we attended the wedding of Jeff and Jennifer. An artist at the reception drew our picture. What a unique way to remember a celebration.