Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

We had a very nice Christmas Eve day despite the fact that not everyone is home for Christmas this year. We started the morning by going to church. The music was beautiful. D was in the choir. Later we joined BJ, Marie and Lily at Pizza Hut for a yearly tradition. Unfortunately, the Graham Road Pizza Hut is for rent, and will be closing in January.
Upon arriving home, there was a gift on the front doorstep. The Dillows made a visit and delivered their wonderful Christmas cookies. At 7:00 we attended Christmas Eve service at the Stow United Methodist Church. Pastor Jack is back. That is a miracle in itself. Once again there was beautiful music. After church we went to the Dillows, delivered their gifts and chatted about the children near and far. An hour later found us at the Taylors. Katherine called. She heard the Night Before Christmas read by D. So the 35 year old tradition still goes on. I was off to the 11:00 service at the United Presbyterian Church. D stayed with Lily. Both Marie and BJ sang wonderful solos. I sat with Karen (BJ's mother) and Ed. We finally arrived home about 12:45. It was quite a day.

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Katherine said...

Merry Christmas!!