Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time flies

The Michigan game was really something. So much so that I have not put anything on my blog since. So what have I been doing? There were lots of school activities up through the break - which started December 15. We went to Florida for a few days in early December - thanks to my personal days. We had a lovely time visiting Grandma Rinehart. We also saw niece Terri and my sister-in-law Marilyn. My other trip was to California for a long weekend to see the Persheys. I love the chance to attend the South Bay Christian Church. Fortunately, I made it through Denver before the big snowstorm hit. My local church has been busy, too. We had four Advent Dinners. They were a great success. People did not have to sign up in advance - so we never knew how many would attend. We always had enough food and even covered expenses.
I will add some pictures in the near future.

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