Saturday, June 09, 2007

Celebrating Pastor Jack

This is the weekend that celebrates Jack's retirement and 40 years of being in the ministry. Last night we went to the Aero's game. Jack attended all the festivities despite having had an operation last Monday. I guess we should have had someone else take our picture. D took it. We are not centered, and he looks like he forgot his teeth. Ken, Nancy, Molly, Mason and Mitchell Marquette went to the game, too. Today there was a reception at Kent State.


Marie said...

all of these oh so attractive picture of d on the internet...tee hee hee

mary y said...

Thanks for sharing photos of pastor's celebration! Wish we could have been there too!

Helen Hassel (Morgan) said...

My mom and dad said it was really something special! I think it's so neat that everyone had on the same shirts! It's good to see my old church family having such a wonderful time! I think of you often! It looks like you are well.