Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In the Company of Great Ones

When we were at Kent State recently, I mentioned to D that I wanted to show him a picture of my boyfriend in 5th grade. I had noticed it during one of the Rootstown graduations when the teachers were waiting to line up. I pointed out Tommy. (Dr. Thomas Reuschling), one of the recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Awards at Kent. Then we started looking at the rest of the pictures. We saw several people we knew such as Dr. Carolyn Brodie, a professor of mine in library school and Chaz Baker, a fellow musician of D's. They have played many gigs together. And then there was author, poet and teacher Maj Ragain. We think he is wonderful person and appreciate what he has done on many levels.

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Katherine said...

How wonderful and well-deserved that Maj was one of the distinguished teacher award recipients. He is a wonderful person.