Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Memories

I enjoy trying to remember different things that happened around Christmas time. It goes all the way back to the time my brother always got so excited about Christmas that he was allowed to open up a present every day about a week before Christmas - as long as he closed it up again.
I like to think about all the fun times when we go to Pizza Hut on Christmas Eve. It all started when Elizabeth was in the 5:00 church service, and we did not have time to eat dinner at home. Two of the Pizza Huts we went to are not even in existence anymore. The one we went to this year became a Pizza Hut Bistro a few years ago. Things certainly do change.
I also enjoyed seeing some of the children I watched grow up come back for the Christmas Eve Service tonight. Emily C., John B., and Mike and Matt S. were there. They all said to say hi.
The picture for tonight is another favorite memory. Helene, Laura, Mary and I were known as the CMT (Can't Miss a Thing). We always met on the first Saturday of December to have breakfast in downtown Akron and look at the Christmas tree display at Quaker Square. We four friends always had a lovely time together.

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Marie said...

i really hope that someday i will have my own CMT group :)