Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Three Little Pigs (Retold)

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived on Chatwood Dr. in Stow. The first little pig was very old - probably well over 50 in pig years. He came from a store in Ashtabula. When a little girl from Jefferson visited the big city of Ashtabula, she saw a wonderful pig in a store window. She wanted him so badly. When she teased her father for it, he spent a hard earned $6.00 in order to buy that beautiful black pig. This pig gobbled money for years and years, but his digestive system went bad. Now he is just a beloved decoration.
The second little pig is much younger. He has only been around about seven years. There is a rumor he is a world traveler, as he probably came all the way from China. He currently gobbles the family change at the rate of about $200 a year.
The third little pig does not hold money. It holds predictions of when the Pershey baby will arrive. The winner will be announced soon and will receive a prize yet to be determined. This little pig will then move to California and enjoy the sunshine there.


Marie said...

i love it :)

Elizabeth said...

that is a very good retelling!!

can you add jan 15 with my name on it to the third little pig?

thank you : )

Heather Wade-Taylor said...

Oh, I know that the Willis Family is known for their punctality! A wonderful family trait if I do say so myself! That being said, this baby will be no different. Please put my name down for January 18th. Right on time!

Heather Wade-Taylor said...

punctuality....I mean.