Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seven on Saturday

Here are seven random things for a gloomy Saturday night in Ohio.
1. Check out March of the Librarians on UTube. It really demonstrates what we librarians do.
2. The Mongoose Beauty Shop expanded last week to include the Mongoose Motel. Customers included Lily, Charlie and their mama.
3. Last Saturday night I won the raffle at D's Swing Machine concert. The prize was a beautiful, framed photograph of the historic Congregational Church on the Tallmadge Circle.
4. I found It Takes a Village on CD in the bargain bin at Borders last weekend. I always wanted to read it, but never quite got around to it. During the course of the week I saw a program on presidential candidates and how they dress. There was a clip of Hillary receiving a Grammy for the very CD I am listening to this week. The CD is not political. She just talks about how important it is to read to young children, supervise their behavior and teach them to make wise choices. As the title indicates, it takes more than parents to raise children.
5. Speaking of politicians, here is my picture with the Mayor of Stow. It does not show here, but we have the same haircut.
6. It is not a very good picture, but here is an illustration showing that gasoline costs way too much. These are used up gas cards from Marc's. I am not sure when I started throwing them in my glove compartment, but it has not taken a long time to use up $350 worth.
7. We went to the Community Showcase today. We saw lots of old friends such as Cassie O's mother, Marie's K teacher, Debbie B, who was the Power of the Pen advisor at Kimpton. We also saw a student from the old days when D and I taught at SHS.


Heather Wade-Taylor said...

Ah..Power of the Pen. I loved it! I think I only participated in Junior High, but it was a ton of fun. Once I got to high school I can't remember if there was power of the pen, but there was definately Mock Trial.

Anna said...

The March of the Librarians was really funny, especially the part about the men having beards and librarians in general toting around things on wheels. How true that is.