Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Since other people I know did Ten on Tuesday, I decided to try it, also - even though it is Wednesday night.
1. Tomorrow is the last day of school. I get to announce the 2008 Teacher of the Year at the all school assembly. Tee Hee. I don't usually know things ahead of other people.
2. I just listened to Allison Sattinger sing It Had to Be You. That was great. I knew all the words. Richard remarked last weekend that I know an amazing amount of song lyrics. Too bad I can't sing.
3. If the Indians don't start winning some games, we'll be the only ones at Dodger Stadium late in June.
4. We have two bunnies living in our back yard. This does not bode well for my new tomato plants.
5. Lily loves to play with the giant frisbee that the Dillows left at our house. It's the one that Gracie went up on the roof to retrieve all by herself.
6. We found a new source for greeen tea last weekend at a little tea shop called Teavana in Beechwood,
7. I am currently reading Love Over Scotland by Alexander McCall Smith. I should be reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
8. Les Roberts, my favorite mystery author, will visit the Learned Owl Friday night with his new book called King of the Holly Hop. I plan to be there.
9. Our good friend from college, Ladd MacIntosh, orchestrated the new movie Prince Caspian. I used to sit next to him in the OSU band. Who knew he would become so famous?
10. We have at least four species of woodpeckers making regular visits to our back yard. They are really fun to watch.

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