Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad

This is September 7, 2008. My dad would be 100 years old today. Here are a few things I remember about him. Keep in mind that I only knew him for a few years.
1. He loved music. He could sing, play the drums and tap dance. He liked to perform, and directed musical reviews as fundraisers for his school districts.
2. He loved American history. Our annual two week summer vacations in the east found us at all the historical sites like Mt. Vernon and Lexington. We also always made a stop in New York City for a couple television shows.
3. He loved golf, baseball, basketball, football and Ohio State.
4. He loved spaghetti. My mother didn't. He ate spaghetti with the football coaches in Ashtabula after Friday night football games.
5. He did not like to swim or play cards, but he did not mind if other people did.
6. His main occupation was school superintendent. But what he really enjoyed the most were his side jobs of being the Ashtabula County Fair Superintendent and being a deputy sheriff in Jefferson.
7. He brought me cool surprises when he went out of town. I still have many of the dolls he brought back, as well as a retired piggy bank who lives in the corner of our bedroom.
8. He did not get upset very often, but if he did he said, "Judas Priest". I have never heard anyone else say that.
9. He had a church home wherever he lived, but not always the same denomination.
10. He was nice to everyone.

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Marie said...

I am so proud to have a son named Charles :)