Sunday, November 23, 2008

Early Sunday Morning in our backyard

I looked out the kitchen window this morning as I was rinsing off my breakfast dishes. I saw two large objects under the evergreen tree by the bird feeders. Upon looking closer I noticed the objects were two resting deer. They were extremely large. The buck had several points on his antlers. I woke up Richard so he could see them. I hoped they wouldn't be gone by the time he reached the window. They stayed around for at least one half hour more. First they rested, and then they wandered through the yard nibbling on this and that. After they left our yard, they went to the yard behind us. (The one with the big antenna) They were joined by a third deer, which was very playful and much smaller. All in all, it made for an exciting morning followed by church and lunch with friends at Isaly's.

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Marie said...

wow. wonder where they came from?