Monday, February 09, 2009

Mystery Pictures

When we purchased a digital camera a couple years ago, I turned on my film camera. I put it down and did not touch it for over two years. I recently decided to finish the roll, and find out where the camera had been. Here are two of the mystery pictures. I turned in a roll from D's camera today, so there will be more mystery pictures on the way.
I remember the Sunday we had lunch with the big group of people. I think it was in Colorado Springs. It is fun to see Lily as a baby again..


Elizabeth said...

Oh, it's the Sneddons and the Welches!!! I would love that picture, please. I don't have one from that day. We had breakfast in Colorado Springs when they were in town.

And look at how cute Lily and Marie are!

Marie said...

oh i loved that sweater of lily's. think it might be a little too girlie for charlie...