Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rita, Mary and Selling Out for a Good Cause

After having a wonderful time with relatives last week, I had to entertain myself this week by heading back to area public libraries. On Thursday evening my friend Kay and I attended a presentation by Rita Dove at the Hudson Library and Historical Society. We enjoyed her poetry reading. What a master. There was time for Q and A after. Someone asked what she did during her Sesame Street appearance. She said she chatted with Big Bird. She was introduced as the Poet Laureate. Big Bird said, "Hi, Laurie."
On Saturday I traveled to Portage County. The Ravenna Public Library hosted a lady portraying Mary Todd Lincoln. During her Q and A, I wanted to ask if she had ever heard of William Morris Stewart, since she seemed so knowledgeable about that time period in Washington D. C. However, I kept my mouth shut.
We have a sign in our yard for three weeks advertising our house painters. We thought this was a great idea, because they gave us a $25 Borders gift card for allowing this.

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