Monday, May 25, 2009

Francis Lithgow Payson

I always visit cemeteries a few days before Memorial Day to honor and remember relatives. This year I made my usual trip to Ashtabula County to cemeteries at Lenox, Rays Corner and Edgewood. But I also went to Arlington Cemetery thanks to the Dillow family. Francis Lithgow Payson married the youngest child of Senator William Morris Stewart (my great-grandfathers's brother) on May 16, 1896. The wedding took place at the Stewart Castle. The New York Times reported that the presents were numerous and principally diamonds and silver. The groom died forty years later after an illustrious military career. After some searching we found the grave. Here you see it pictured with three little girls. The bride of so long ago, Maybelle (Mary Isabelle) had two sisters - Anna and Elizabeth.


Elaine said...

Hi, I lived in Florence in an apartment owned by Mrs. Payson, the daughter of Francis Payson. Before we left, she gave me as a gift, 2 books that were her father's, one was The Cuban and Porto Rican Campaigns and another about horoscopes. I am Puerto Rican so I will cherish those books forever specially the one about the Campaigns. Both books have a stamp behind the front cover with the name Francis Lithgow Payson. She said her children had taken the important books and she would give me any of the ones still at the apartment. We loved that apartment and we really liked Mrs. Payson.

Beverly said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I like genealogy and have researched William Morris Stewart quite a bit. This led me to searching for the Payson grave at Arlington Cemetery. said...

I am Mario Chesne Dauphiné ,Francis
Payson was my grandfather and William
Morris Stewart my great grand father.
So mr.Beverly we are relativs.
I live in Firenze (Italy) as my mother was Mary Dabney Payson and my father Augusto Chesne Dauphiné.
It was a surprise to find your notice on internet.
All the best to you
from Mario Chesne Dauphiné
Via Roma,563
50012 Bagno a Ripoli
Florence Italy said...

HI, i'm Francesco Ponzetta. I live near Florence. Dabney Payson, daughter of Francis, was my grandmother and she was leaving me a Tiffany three handled vase, given to him from his nurse Baba with this moving dedication: " Bought with her legacy to prolong the memory of nearly forty five years of loving service in the house As a gentle guardian to his baby footsteps As a Christian guide in his childhood
And as an ardent devoted friend in all his later joys and sorrows, A pure unselfish faithful soul An ideal life"