Saturday, November 07, 2009

Some on Saturday

1. It was a beautiful day in Stow. We dealt with the leaves for the fifth or sixth time. We are almost done for this year.
2. The neighbors, also doing yard work today, told us there were four deer in our back yard last night. Their dogs barked to tell them something was up. I wonder if they were the same ones we saw last winter.
3. The Buckeyes knocked off Penn State today. Go Bucks. We will be there next Saturday to watch them play Iowa.
4. I beat Richard at Nerts tonight. That was a first. He must have been operating in slow motion.
5. We went to the Hudson Library yesterday afternoon. They closed at 1:00, so our plans had to change. How sad that public libraries have lost so much funding.


Elizabeth said...

If we put our leaves out like that they'd be blown back all over the yard in less than an hour... though luckily, we don't have as many leaves as you. (Well, I'd rather have the trees, but maybe not all the work, ha.)

Marie said...

yea!!!! congratulations to the new nerts champion!! ;)

Richard said...

I didn't have to make coffee for the morning like the winner did! *snicker*