Saturday, December 03, 2011

Rotary Resolution

Someone gave my brother the following document recently. I had never seen it before. It is nice to know that so many people thought my father was a great person.


Charles M. Watson was born at Orwell, Ohio, on September 7, 1908. He attended the Ohio State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education in 1931, and a Masters Degree in 1934. He was a teacher in the Ashtabula County school system from 1931-1955, having taught at Edgewood School until 1943. That year he became Superintendent of Schools at Williamsfield. In 1945 he accepted a position as Superintendent of Schools in Jefferson, where he served until 1955. He then moved to Perry Township, where he served as Superintendent until his untimely death on January 30, 1957.
Charlie had that remarkable talent of being able to do many, many things very, very well. He was a friend of and respected by all of the hundreds of students in his schools. He maintained discipline with dignity and without permitting personalities to bias his decisions.
Charlie was a good administrator, carrying out the duties of the office which he held without fear or favor, rancor or prejudice; he never yielded a political expediency. His life was an inspiration, not only to those whose destiny he guided, but to his host of friends who learned to respect his judgment and love his character.
Charlie was always interested in the athletic program of his schools. He was noted for his devotion to fair play, even at the expense of his will to win.
Charlie loved to sing, to be with his friends. He enjoyed a rich, full life and succeeded in packing more living into his forty-eight years than most men can accomplish in three score and ten.
Charlie gave greatly to the life of his community. He produced a succession of Minstrels for the benefit of the P.T.A. in Jefferson. He was always a participant, giving freely of himself and of his talents. He gave hours of pleasure to the many citizens of our community who became regular attendants year after year.
Charles served the Rotary Club in Jefferson as its president. He was ever regular in his attendance at its meetings. He was a Rotarian, in or out of meetings, exemplifying the rotary motto of “Service above Self”. It is often easy to give of material things, but one gives most who gives of himself.
Charlie Watson was a Gentleman.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that with the death of our dear friend, Charles Watson, we, and the great community of mankind, have suffered an irreparable loss; that his death creates a void which will not soon be filled; that we extend out sympathy to his wife, his children, his parents, and to those unnumbered students who will never have the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of his guiding hand.

Adopted by the Rotary Club of
Jefferson, Ohio, February 14, 1957
Signed by Roger Brenneman, Secretary
Robert L. Shoaf
R. A. McNutt
Frank Cornwall

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Marie said...

That is beautiful and I am so glad to know this too.