Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts about Random Pictures

My mother wore the most stylish clothes of her era. Here she is pictured at her mother's house. I believe this is the correct location because of the flowers in the background. I do not remember my Grandma Lillian, but I know she loved to grow flowers.

This is one of my favorite family pictures. It gives the appearance of us being "outdoorsy" to the max. That was the year we took ten hikes in surrounding parks so one of the girls could get an extra A in Biology. It really was a fun experience.

My family took two week vacations every summer. We always went east. This picture has the label Gettysburg, Pa. 1950 in my mother's beautiful writing.  If you see an enlarged version, you will note I did not wear the most stylish clothes of the era.

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Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Ha, this post represents the best and worst elements of your mother having a blog and a scanner: awesome archival pictures, awkward adolescent pictures. ;)