Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twelve on Twelve for April

Today I followed my activities with the camera.
People who know me well are aware of my penchant for oatmeal. This yummy version featured mangoes, strawberries, peaches and blueberries.

After my hearty breakfast I started washing windows. I only do this once a year.

I still use the U.S. Postal System whenever I can. They need all the help they can get.

It is a little difficult to see the mileage, but it is well over 100,000.

I started taking a TRX class at the Nat. It stands for Total Resistance Cross Training. There are several different activities during class, but mostly we use the black straps.

After class I headed over to the Library in Cuyahoga Falls. This statue reminds me of the one at the Cheyenne Library.

This is a very old sign, but I'm glad they kept it for the updated version of the Cuyahoga Falls Library - now known as Taylor Memorial.

The Taylor Library has an amazing collection of Books on CD. This is one small part of the collection.

Richard's tenor saxophone awaits him. He has a gig this weekend.

My library about William Morris Stewart continues to grow.

If this cup looks big, it is. I bought it at Dr. Brodie's garage sale many years ago. She said it belonged to Cynthia Rylant before she had it.

When I went out to get the mail today, I noticed the these new blooms.

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jill said...

Cynthia Rylant is suddenly among the most popular authors here. She has several series that everyone can read together ;) It is interesting how many different types of illustrators she's used.

Love your iris...