Sunday, September 09, 2012

Observations on Early Sunday Morning

My 5K race at the Natatorium is next Sunday morning. I decided to simulate conditions by running at the same time today. After the run I had a message from Lance Armstrong that I had  my longest workout yet, so I am as ready as I can be for next week.
I saw a file cabinet on the devil strip on a nearby street. I wondered how long that would last. I checked in on that street before I went home. It was already gone.
On my way I passed the man who collects pop cans from the neighborhood recycle bins. He always smiles and says hi. I wonder what his life is like and if this is his only job.
There is very little litter in our neighborhood. People don't throw stuff out of car windows around here. That is good. However, the city did not send the street cleaner trucks around this year. Lots of people keep their driveways neat and weed free, others do not.
I saw a huge white trailer over by the K's house. I noticed there was a door open on the sidewalk side. I thought there might be a race car inside because the K family has a car business. That was not the case. The trailer was full of electronic stuff. It looked like the set up for the Super Bowl. Maybe it was part of the Googlers who travel through neighborhoods gathering information and pictures.
I arrived home in time to take a shower and get to church for the 10:45 service.

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Elizabeth said...

If it *was* the Google truck, I think you have a moral obligation to run behind it for a few minutes dancing and making funny faces, to be preserved in satellite form. : )