Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten on Tuesday about a House

1.  This house is on the corner of Market and Walnut Streets in Jefferson.

2. I lived here from age three until the day before my 13th birthday.

3. My bedroom was on the second floor - down the hall on the right from the little window in the second picture.

4. I could see my friend Donald's house from my bedroom window. We spent a lot of time playing outside summer and winter.

5. When my Aunt Alice stayed overnight with us, she slept in my bedroom. She told my mother I had to have a new mattress because mine was not any good. The day after my aunt went home we went to Ashtabula and my mother bought me a new mattress.

6. Our house was a block from school. I walked to and from school for seven years.

7. Our basement was creepy and the door had no lock. I did not go down there much. Actually, I was not allowed to go near the coal bin. My father shoveled coal into the furnace during the winters.

8. The room behind the kitchen had no heat. It housed an old-fashioned wringer washing machine. We hung the clothes outside when it was nice weather.

9. Our phone number was 301.
10. My grandfather Rockwell's sister Sylvia sold her piano to us. We kept it in the living room near the long tall window in the second picture. This piano is at least 100 years old. I am glad to have it in our living room now.

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