Saturday, December 22, 2012

     I took my Twelve on Twelve for December in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I started out with a few of the Dillow Christmas decorations. The stockings were hung on the mantle with care.

                                      The poinsettias decorated the mantle, also.

     Each decoration on the tree has a special meaning. Elizabeth made this one for the Story Hour tree at the library when she was three.

                                       Cameras have a special place in our family.

                                                    Merry Christmas to all.

                     It was a beautiful day. We were off to downtown Cheyenne.

                         We had lunch at one of Cheyenne's historical restaurants.

                              We did some shopping at the Wyoming Home Store.

                                 Santa perched atop the sign at the Wrangler Store.

                                              We caught a train later in the day.

     I do a lot of research about mining in the old west. These words sum up the hard work these people did.

The museum had a new addition, a giant rocking horse. A Wyoming grandfather carved it for his grandchildren. When they grew up, he donated it to the museum so other children could enjoy it.

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Elizabeth said...

What a fun day it was! Your pictures look a lot like my pictures on the 12th : )