Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend in Review

The weekend went quickly. Lots of things happened - mostly good and a few not so good. On Friday night we decided to go to the VFW Fish Fry. However, before we were going to go I watched Dr. Oz. The show was all about the fish people eat in the United States. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of mislabeling. After that show we ate at home. I won't even go into the program I heard on NPR on Saturday about imitation calimari. If you are a calimari fan, you might want to check it out, and will probably never eat it again.

On Saturday morning Richard had a practice in Canton. I entertained myself writing letters, playing the piano and exercising at the Nat. We attended Lily's piano recital at the Stow Library in the afternoon. It was a wonderful event, made extra special because we knew so many of the children involved.

Saturday evening Richard played with the old Straight Ahead Band for a program at Tallmadge High School. I went along hoping to see anyone I might remember. The last students I had are now seniors. I did talk with one former student. He was one of my favorites because he participated in Space Bunch. He now attends medical school in Rootstown.

As I waited to turn into church on Sunday morning a lady and four children scooted across the street. They must have gone to Sunday School, lived nearby and so did not drive. What a nice sight. It reminded me of something my cousin Dorothy told me. The hardest thing to do is to get the children (she had seven) ready for church because they all had to leave at the same time. Getting ready for school was not easy, but at least the exit times were staggered. At any rate I appreciated the lady's Sunday morning effort.

After church we had breakfast with our church friends. Upon returning home we spent at least an hour cleaning up the yard. We cut down our ornamental grass. One of our breakfast companions told us to tie it before cutting. What a difference. It did not blow all over the yard like the last two years. I used my Mitt Romney rope to tie it up. Thanks, Mitt.

We worked some basketball into the weekend. The Ohio State University beat Illinois.
Michigan did not beat Indiana. Yes, we were cheering for Michigan in that game. We watched the Kent State and University of Akron game.  Kent won.  It was not a satisfying win with all the trouble going on with the U of A.

We ended the weekend watching Once Upon a Time. What a fascinating spin on the old fairy tales. 

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