Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Movie Day

 My love affair with the Long Ranger began a long time ago.
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I can't remember the year, but it happened on Tuesday nights. That was saxophone lesson night with Oliver Kaura for my brother and me at Ashtabula Harbor. My Uncle Ralph and Aunt Sylvia lived nearby, so we sometimes stopped in. They owned a tiny  round television set long before our family had one. The eight inch picture presented pure magic for me. That is where I first saw the Lone Ranger galloping across the screen with with Tonto. Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels proudly played the parts for years. Despite the fact my mother had no use for guns, she did not seem to mind my obsession with this show. Maybe she even liked it, too, because I don't remember leaving before the end of an episode.
 This week we saw the new Lone Ranger movie. Who cares if the critics panned it and it did not make as much at the box office as expected. I thought it was great. It had good acting, excitement with chase scenes, the beauty of the western landscape, scary desperadoes, a bad girl, a good girl and well played Lone Ranger and Tonto. Throw in a couple children and it was definitely a winner for me.

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Unknown said...

Watching your big smile throughout the movie was enough of a thrill for me.