Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jack goes to weekly story hour with me. I enjoy observing the children and the parents, too. The two year old session involves the caregivers, too. That means there are lots of people in the room. When the librarian pulled out a huge cow puppet last week, Jack said, "I do not like that cow." The parents twittered. The two year old children looked at each other. Was there something about this cow they should not like? The librarian put the cow away and did not use it anymore.

2.  Jack expresses himself very well. He was having lunch with us the other day and told me to put the Lone Ranger away. I told him my eight foot Lone Ranger had to stay because he is my friend. At least I did not have Tonto (Johnny Depp) showing. He really is scary.

3. Richard played Jesus Loves Me on soprano saxophone at church on Sunday. It was beautiful and slightly jazzy.

4. Today I had lunch with six high school band friends and our director. We had a grand time and talked about the old days in the Perry High School Band.

5. After lunch Mr. Iams played his flute for us. He practices about three hours daily.

6. I am currently reading a book that takes place in Louisiana. It is so good I can hardly lay it down. I would mention the title, but someone may be getting it for Christmas and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

7.  We had a fun time when the grandchildren came for a visit.

8. Watching the flag go up at an OSU football fame is always a thrill.

9. Trainer Dave has a new regimen for us. Each time we run around the track we have to go down and back up the stairs (both ends of the track have stairs) preferably two at a time. What will he think of next?

10. Enjoy the autumn leaves. The trees are beautiful in Ohio this week.

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Elizabeth said...

Uhm, I'm with Jack. You should DEFINITELY put away your 8 foot Lone Ranger friend. (!)

No leaves turning here. Ugh.