Monday, September 07, 2015

Labor Day List

This list contains all the paid jobs of my life - at least the ones I can remember. I liked all the jobs and met many wonderful people along the way. Happy Labor Day.

1. Babysitting for a family with five children under ten. They paid really well, but I still marvel at the fact they had no books or other reading material in their beautiful home.

2. Office assistant for a physician. I wore a white jacket, answered the phone and sterilized equipment.

3. Club house worker at Maple Ridge Golf Course. This was my summer job during high school and college.

4. Page at The Ohio State University Library. I loved roaming around the upper floors of the John Oxley Thompson Library.

5. Bow marker for the Columbus Symphony.

6.  Assistant librarian at The Ohio State University School. This was my first job after graduating from OSU.

7.  Assistant librarian and Spanish teacher at Miami Trace High School.

8.  Librarian at Stow High School.

9.  Substitute teacher for Stow, Hudson and Woodridge School Districts.

10. District librarian with the Rootstown Local School District.

11. National Honor Society adviser for Rootstown High School.

12. Club house worker at Fox Den Golf Course.

13. Blossom Music Center usher.

14. Middle school librarian at Tallmadge Middle School.

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Elizabeth said...

This is a great list and idea and I'm going to copy it.