Saturday, April 02, 2016

First Funny then Scary

Many years ago most Ohio State students looked forward to each issue of the campus humor magazine called THE SUNDIAL. We saved a few copies all these years.

                                A young Robert Stine edited the popular magazine.

I learned on NPR today that he went on to become Jovial Bob, an author of many joke books. He also wrote the jokes for Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers. Thanks to a suggestion from his editor, he went into the business of scaring  children with Goosebumps and Fear Street books. Stine does not employ a ghost writer. He writes all the books himself. I wish I could say I knew him then. I can only say we were Buckeyes together because I never actually bumped into him.

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Elizabeth said...

We watched the Goosebumps movie this past week—it was very good! I actually really liked Jack Black being cast as RL Stine, though I did find it distracting to know he went to Ohio State at the same time as you did because it threw the ages/chronology of the story off. But it was still good.