Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

I just spent about two weeks in the west - one in California and one in Colorado Springs. Both were fantastic experiences, and I will talk more about them. But for today, it is time to celebrate Palm Sunday.

It is one of my favorite days to attend church. I continued a tradition started by Katherine and myself during the Easter season several years ago - that of attending two different churches of different denominations.

First I went to the Presbyterian Church in Cuyahoga Falls.

(Marie is the choir director)

Then I went to the United Methodist Church in Stow.

(Richard sings in the choir.)


Katherine said...

I certainly miss sitting in the balcony of SUMC with you, rocking back and forth singing those Easter hymns...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Marie said...

thank you for coming mama! (and yes I know it is really late-I just got Lily back to bed and I can't sleep...stinkin' tooth)