Sunday, May 21, 2006

An Early Memorial Day

Yesterday I made my annual trek to Ashtabula County to visit my relatives. These days are usually quite predictable - but yesterday was extremely interesting. I began the day by going to Tallmadge High School and walking the track because it was Relay for Life. Tallmadge Middle School had a team. I should have gone on Friday night, but it was raining. Since I've had a cold, I opted for early Saturday. After that, I met my good friend Virginia for coffee. From there I left for Ashtabula. First stop was Jefferson for gas and to check out my old house. The lillies from my childhood continue to grow. That always amazes me.
I drove on to Lenox. I had the digital camera this time so I took lots of pictures. Here is a story. My mother and a cousin were expecting at the same time. Uncle Hank Walton died. (a brother of my grandmother Lillian Stewart) Grandma Stewart told both pregnant ladies not to attend the funeral because something would happen to the baby. My mother did not go - and I'm still here. Someone must still remember the other baby, because there was a new stone for him in the cemetery this year. Numerous family members have told me that Grandma Stewart had ESP. My mother had some - and I have a little bit.
I then went about a mile to the Rays Corner Cemetery. It was in pristine condition. The sexton must have been working very hard this spring.
It was time for lunch. I went to the local diner - with a mission. I knew the new owner was someone from my past. My family and Barbara's family even took vacations together. I introduced myself. Humpf. I think she did not have a clue who I was - and possibly suspected me of being a salesperson. After lunch I meandered over to the old Clinton's Drugstore. It is now a religious bookstore. A lady came up to me and said she noticed me in the restaurant. We started talking. She used to live in the same town where I now live (She mentioned her street Bryn Mawr, so I knew she was not making this up) - and goes to the church where I used to attend in Jefferson.
We had the most interesting conversation - even including the bookstore owner. This made up for the unsatisfactory trip down memory lane at the diner.
On my way to the Edgewood cemetery, I had to stop for about ten minutes because of a bad traffic accident. It was at the fork of the road where Eddie Utterback (an elementary classmate) lived. I hope that turned out alright. It was a large U-Haul truck that had tipped over. It is hard enough to move.
After a visit to my Watson grandparents, I stopped at the Edgewood School where my parents both taught. The building still looks pretty good.
At any rate, this day turned out to be one of my most interesting trips back home.


Marie said...

You need to tell the story of the bell next. I love that story.

Charissa said...

So what happened to the other baby??

Elizabeth said...

This story gives me the heebie-jeebies and always has. But I love hearing it anyway.