Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friends Remembered

On Saturday I attended a ceremony at Perry High School to honor Perry students who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. One of those people was a boy from my class named Tom Murphy. My high school class collected money and purchased a bench for the memorial park which faces the large statue. It was a big event with at least a thousand in attendance. One of the Vietnam veterans who spoke said it meant a lot to have this because no one paid much attention to the people who served in Vietnam since it was such an unpopular war. Tom's mother was there, and I had the chance to speak to her.
The other old friend I saw this weekend was Ed Z. He and his wife Ardath were wonderful to our children when they were little. Ed attends the Presbyterian Church where Marie is choir director. It was fun to chat with him this morning.

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Elizabeth said...

I have fond memories of the Zuendels. I wish I had a photo of them--do you have any?