Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Fun in California

When we journeyed to Southern California, we returned to The Kettle - one of our favorite restaurants in Manhattan Beach. After dinner we walked to the beach and out on the pier. It was a beautiful evening, and made a great memory of our trip.


Elizabeth said...

That's a really nice picture! I immediately thought Katherine had a tickle-smile on her face... and then I saw Ben's hand. : )

Marie said...

tickle smile Bwahahaha. he looks kind of guilty too :)

*D* said...

I would giggle too if MY significant other was wearing a funny looking hat attachment like Ben is apparently wearing!

Katherine said...

Ooh, I hadn't seen this photo. It's a great one.

Ben's Large Green Bouffant hat goes really well with his Cabbage Green t-shirt. ;-)

ben said...

Couple of late arriving notes on this photo:

(1) Notice this is Dad's Allen Iverson look with the elbow sleeve (unseen is his knee sleeve and neck tattoo).

(2) I have what is referred to as skinny person's double chin. Boy, I need to put some meat on that neck. Once, a co-worker stated that it looked like my head was sitting on a stack of dimes.