Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dog with Big Ear

Yesterday I had surgery to get rid of my trigger finger. It was an interesting and relatively painless procedure. If you look closely, you will still see the x marks the spot on the top of my larger than life thumb. There is a joke in here somewhere.


Elizabeth said...

You should warn people that a picture with gore is about to pop up. Ich. I'm glad it was relatively painless... it sure doesn't look like it.

Marie said...

my stomach drops every time i see it...

Katherine said...




Beyond my initial omygoodness reaction, I must note that you could have played the lead in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and they wouldn't have had to foot the bill for a larger than life prosthetic thumb.

But still, ack!

ben said...

Drumroll please.......
Wow, was I not expecting such a photo!
I hope that the painless procedure has resulted in more pleasant thumb-use.
I think that we all should make a pact to blog w/photo any and all medical procedures. Who's in?