Sunday, September 17, 2006

Latin Teachers I Have Known

I wrote in an earlier blog how important Latin is. Yesterday it occured to me I have met a lot of Latin teachers during my life. The first was Orpha Euverard. I probably spelled her last name incorrectly. That's what it sounded like to me as a child. I remember going to her house for dinner with my family. The next one was Madeleine Campbell, who actually taught me Latin in high school. When I first became a teacher, I had a colleague named Mrs. Ridenour who taught Latin at Miami Trace High School. Then it was on to Stow where Kathryn Harrah taught Latin at Stow High School for many years. She hosted a baby shower for me before Elizabeth was born. After Mrs. Harrah came the marvelous McCaffreys. They not only were teachers, but part of our lives as well. They attended our graduation parties and our weddings. Seen here is Tom McCaffrey at one of our family celebrations.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know that it was a Latin teacher who organized my baby shower! I still use my baby dresser every day in my craft room : )

That's a nice picture of us. I don't remember seeing it before! I just sent the McCaffreys a retirement card.

Marie said...

I love that all three of us had him. What a great picture...perhaps you could send him a copy?

ben said...

I had some wonderful Latin teachers also. They have a way of guiding our learning years after we have left the classroom. That is a nice photo.

Sheri said...

My high school didn't offer Latin, but I wish I had that opportunity.
We just saw the movie Akkelah and the Bee and it really helped me realize how important Latin as it relates to spelling.

Sheri (linked over from Elizabeth)