Monday, February 26, 2007

Austa Porter Remembered

Today we had an in service at school. I overheard one of the presenters saying she was from Geneva. When I had a chance I said that I grew up in Jefferson. She told me she had relatives there. Come to find out one of them is a cousin who was a good friend during elementary school. Her name was Patti Shore, and her phone number was Blue 604. Then more coincidences came to light. One of this lady's elementary teachers was Austa Porter. My Aunt Austa was quite a lady - probably all of 4"10". She loved teaching. Aunt Austa was also a very determined person. She learned how to drive in her fifties without telling anyone until she had her driver's license in hand. It was a good day - partially because the in service was informative - but mostly because I had all these memories about my dear Aunt Austa from Austinburg.

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Elizabeth said...

My memories of Aunt Austa are much later when she was unwell, unfortunately, so it's fun to hear about other things. I do remember Uncle Lawrence's truck/car very distinctly.