Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sweet Goodbye

There are some things I just never expect to go away. One of those was Osmond's Pies. It has been a landmark in Stow for as long as I can remember. But this weekend the store closed because of lack of sales. D and I decided that we should have a last pie or two. It would seem everyone in town had the same idea. D had a nice conversation with Mrs. Osmond. He had two of her children in the Stow High School Band.

We also have another connection with the Osmonds. Howard Osmond was a fireman in Stow until he had heart trouble. Then he became everyone's plumber. He came to our house when Katherine was about two. She was drawing, and Mr. Osmond commented on what a wonderful piece of artwork it was. For that reason, I always kept it.

It became known by our family as the only picture of a gurkeysnoot in existence in the world. Other legends developed because of the gurkeysnoot picture. I often told the girls to "Gurk their snoots in the proper places" when they went out. Marie will not say the word in my presence. It is just another of those weird Willis things.

I shall always remember the Osmonds, their wonderful pies, and the infamous gurkeysnoot.


jennifer said...

oh my goodness i haven't seen that picture in years!!!!

i love that it still exists :)

Marie said...

sorry-that was me...i forgot jen was still signed in...again.

bec said...

This is such sad news to hear that osmond's closed.

Elizabeth said...

That is the saddest news I've heard in a very long time. I can't believe that no one is buying their pies anymore, because they are the best pies in the entire world. Hmph.

K was really two when she drew that? Wow!

Katherine said...

There is a little difference of opinion about whether this was the drawing Mr. Osmond commented on. I think it was a different one, but then again, I was two, so my testimony is probably questionable.

I loved Osmond's pies. Ray D. and I used to ride our bikes down to get the little ones after school. :-(