Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Night St. Patrick's Day Fun

We attended the Dinner/Talent Show at the Taylors' church tonight. The food, company and entertainment made for a delightful evening. The Roots and Marquettes filled up one of the tables. We met Mitchell for the first time. In fact, I held him for a while so Nancy could eat her dinner. This church is full of talent. Of course with so many musical Marquettes as members, how could it be otherwise? One of the highlights of the evening were the Four Heads or Foreheads singing an Irish song. Two Marquettes, BJ and one other appeared behind a puppet stage with only their heads showing. Congratulations to Marie. She did a lot of work on this event - including serving in the kitchen before the show.
I hope everyone else enjoys a Happy St. Patrick's Day, also.


Marie said...

i missed tom??
i am really glad you got to come :)

Missy said...

It was great to "run" into you guys...tee hee hee