Friday, August 15, 2008

A Few on Friday

It's been a busy summer. Here are a few things I've done.
1. It's always fun to catch up with old friends. Anne, Kay and I toured the OSU campus during our visit to Columbus.
2. I drove to Arlington, VA to visit the Dillows. The girls and I had lots of fun while E was in PA.
3. Juliette and her mother flew in from CA. J and I explored the National Cathedral during her Mama's workshop. We even visited our cousins M and D Hill, who live nearby.
4. J made a new friend. I am sure they will meet again someday.
5. After returning from VA, I had lunch with two librarian friends at the Bistro in Kent.
6. We celebrated my birthday and our anniversary. We started the anniversary celebration with coffee at Panera. We saw lots of Stow People. It is the new hangout for Stow adults. I whispered to D, "There's Marie's softball coach." A few minutes later he came over and inquired about her. Who could it have been, M?
7. The day ended with a flurry of water activities. Never a dull day around here.


Marie said...

a flurry of water activities? you sound like you ended the day at a water park. or perhaps it was a water park.

vic davis?

Anonymous said...

Think math teacher....