Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I joined Face Book. This is going to be fun, but I will have to get used to explaining in third person what I am doing.
2. I miss odd things in my retirement. I did not get an OEA calendar this year, and that is how I stay organized. I was talking about this before church last Sunday. My friend Sallie offered me hers until she retires. I'm good for a few years.
3. Three cheers for the Browns and Awesome Dawson. I just wish I would have been awake to see it.
4. Yard work is done at our house for this year. There is a mountain of leaves on the devil strip waiting to be picked up. I love our trees, but not at this time of year.
5. I am eager to read volume three of the Mobile Library Series.
6. Five days until the OSU/Michigan game. We like to be parked by 7:00am in order to enjoy all the pre-game hype.
7. Thanks to the Nano clipped on my waist and the Nike chip on my shoe, I never run less than 3K when I go to the Nat. I run until the voice in my head tells me I am done.
8. The book I am writing now has over 8000 words. I need at least 30,000-60,000. I want it to be finished by 2010, so I better get busy.
9. I will soon be taking trips to Virginia, Pennsylvania and California.
10. It will be time to take out the Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving. I have too many. If anyone wants to request something, let me know.


Elizabeth said...

This is a great Ten on Tuesday list, M! I don't know why you should think speaking about yourself in 3rd person is strange when in the same breath you talk about the voice in your head telling you to keep running. Or that the voice is Tiger Woods. Heh.

I'm sorry the new book is sitting by my front door still. : (

Marie said...

i want the church :) can i have the church?

Katherine said...

Marie beat me to it.

Dee said...

your blog is precious! I'm glad I took the time today to brouse through it. We can tell you are the librarian of the family! I loved hearing about M's mother and I've printed it to keep in in our family book. Remembrance of your Dad is very special. Keep up the good work and visit us again soon.