Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tom Thumb Weddings

It used to be popular to put on a play in elementary school called Tom Thumb's Wedding. My father and I both had to chance to be in it. I never liked my part, because I was the heavy set mother-in-law. I secretly wanted to be the bride, because I liked the groom. The names are not on the back of the picture, but I know each and every one from memory. Left to right are Tommy Nizen, Stanley Piekarski, Billy Swickard, Ronnie Naso, Patti Shore, Sharon Luce, Margaretta Vote, Barbara Miller and myself, Beverly Watson. I don't know any of the names in my father's version except his, Charles Watson. I find it interesting that he appears on the far right in the same position as mine. I wonder if he liked his part. He is not smiling, but then no one else in that picture is either.

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Marie said...

two things
1. why hello charlie!
2. i must have a copy of both of those pictures.