Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day at the Zoo, etc.

We celebrated our anniversary with a day at the Cleveland Zoo. The last time we went Elizabeth was in a stroller, so it has been a few years. We had a great time. The first picture I took was on the shuttle. Why? It is a family with five children. Since they knew the people behind us, we soon realized these children are quintuplets. Wow. They will soon be entering the third grade.
We both decided we enjoyed the aquarium the most, but the overly active amadillo was a close second.
Our GPS took us to Legacy Village, our shopping center of choice - mostly for browsing. We had lunch at a Smoothie Cafe and spent some time at the Apple Store. Our next stop was the Pottery Barn across the street from Legacy. We are close to getting new living room furniture. Obviously, we don't rush things as we have not had any for a couple years.
We stopped for coffee at Trader Joe's. Samples of the day included root beer floats and Kona coffee. Yum. We ate dinner in Macedonia at the Outback, returned home and watched Wall.E.

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Marie said...

what a wonderful day :)
happy anniversary!