Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some quotations I remember

This is a list of things I've heard or said myself during my lifetime. I am probably paraphrasing most of them, so I'm not giving much credit and only a little bit of explanation here and there. They definitely are not in chronological order.

"Eat that hot dog."
"Off I go to tell her."
"It's a good thing to spend money on quality art."
"Ruffled potato chips make your mouth bleed."
"Tweet. Haven't heard that one for a while."
"Be nice to your sisters. Someday you will live far away from each other."
"Carry an extra comb. Loan that one out if someone needs it."
"That person doesn't have a full set of dishes."
"Judas Priest." (This is what my father said when he got mad. I guess it was his form of swearing, but I've never heard anyone else say this.)
"Want a cracker?"
"Don't answer that. They want money."
"No one can ever take your education away from you." (Rockwell Stewart. He made sure his five daughters and one son went to college in the early part of the 20th century.)
"Start with what you do believe in."
"You can't use someone else's religion. Find your own.
"Let's have these two fat girls have a race." (Spoken by someone my father talked to on the street in Ashtabula. I've often wondered if the other girl was as offended as I.
Okay. I was fat. But it still was a mean thing to say.)
"You get the watch. She gets the ring because she has pretty hands."
"Pick out one of these fur coats. It's yours." (I was the first to choose and got the only pretty one. I still have it, but can't bring myself to wear former animals.)
"Look at that bug on the broccoli."
"Your brother just ran over my saxophone."
"This is the hand." (I chased my brother for years after I accidentally stuck my hand in dog do.)
"Your front teeth look like mine." (Spoken by a poor excuse for an Easter bunny)
"I'm going to buy you a new pair of patent leather shoes."
"Sure you can stay home from school today to paint a picture."
"Comb your hair and tie it back"
"Welcome to the Mongoose Beauty Salon."


Katherine said...

Oh, how wonderful. Now I think you should take one of these and make it the first line of a short story or memoir piece.

Elizabeth said...

This is a wonderful list, and that's a great idea Katherine had. Or better yet, I think you should write a memoir and each one of these can be a chapter title, and then you can tell the story. And then you can print it out and give one to all of us for Christmas : )

Helen Hassel said...

What a wonder! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I totally say "Judas Priest!"