Thursday, October 22, 2009

Filling a Request

I had a request to post the rest of the house pictures I took in Ashtabula County. We did not live very long in the two houses on East 44th St. The first one belonged to Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Austa. My parents rented it from them. The young Watson family purchased the second house on East 44th St. We sold that one to Alan and Dorothy Sheppard. The third house is in Williamsfield, a small town near Andover. The 4th house, a red one in Jefferson was also a rental. We lived on the first floor, and the Postmaster of Jefferson lived on the second floor. When I was about three, I decided to go find my father by myself. He found me crying on some street corner later that afternoon. It just shows to go that one never knows what children will do.

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