Sunday, November 01, 2009

Notes on a Game Day

1. It rained all the way to Columbus. The rain stopped as we pulled into our favorite parking lot at 7:00am.
2. We wandered around in search of breakfast. The only one we found was at the Blackwell. It cost $18.95 per person, and I think you had to be staying there to even have permission to eat. We left hungry, but did rub elbows with Jim Tressel as he was leaving for the St. John's team visit.
3. We noticed four buses with Wyoming license plates parked next to the Blackwell. Did the New Mexico team come on these buses? Did four busloads of people come from Wyoming to see this game? I guess we will never know.
4. Our food search caused us to sit in the balcony of St. John's for the Skull Session. The band had some great arrangements for a unique Halloween show.
5. We left for home during the 4th quarter. We had another fun day in Columbus on football Saturday.

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