Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bonus from the Church Archives

The Stow United Methodist Church is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2010. I am a member of the Archives Committee. When we meet, we go through old papers, pictures, etc. What fun it is. I am not a Charter Member, but have been attending the Stow UMC since the late sixties. I borrowed a couple pictures to scan. They show Elizabeth, Marie, Katherine, Nancy and Tom on their Confirmation Days. We have barely scratched the surface of all the materials, so there will be more to come. Part of the challenge is to label the pictures. Anyone who would like to fill in names for me on these pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Elizabeth said...

Those people are all OLD now!

in mine: l-r
Cory Devereaux, Andy Shirk, Scott Patterson, someone I can't remember but it might be Michelle?, Nancy, Corrie Wickland, me

in Tom's:
the lone female's name might come to me, but I can't remember it.
back row, far right is Sean Bishop. in between Tom and Mark Bonnell is Todd Mohr, I think. And maybe next to Mr. Kuse is his oldest son, who isn't Rusty, but the other one.