Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

The Beacon is having a contest featuring interesting Christmas ornaments. Pictured is my entry. Wish me luck.
The Taylor tots came to see us over the weekend. Thanks, BJ, for bringing them all the way from PA. It is fun to have an early morning breakfast with the grandchildren. Their parents always seem to miss this activity.
We attended the Community Thanksgiving service last night. One local pastor played God Bless America on the trumpet, and another played the clarinet during the offering. They both did a great job, and I told them so. It must have been National Pastors Playing their Instruments Day.
I finished my Christmas shopping for this year. Almost every gift is coming from the Willis gift closet. So if you happen to be on the list, I apologize for the strange things you will be receiving. I must have liked them once.
D joined FaceBook. Can you believe that.


Marie said...

you failed to mention in this post that I MADE this ornament and you have made fun of the ugliness or rather different beauty. I so claim the prize if you win :)

Marie said...

oh and my children look adorable. tee hee :)

Beverly said...

I will give you credit for making the ornament. But I will keep the prize as rent for storing it and giving it tender loving care for many, many years.
The children were indeed adorable.

Ben said...

Haven's checked your blog for a bit. I enjoy it very much. Looking forward to your visit. P.S. I did not know that the church's newsletter (also named, The Beacon) was having a contest.