Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Since other people I know are trying to do Ten on Tuesday this year, I am inspired to do it, also. Here goes:
1. When our most interesting repairman looked at our washing machine yesterday, he said,
"It's broken." We knew that. He fixed it in a few minutes. He also told us our eighteen year old Maytag is a great machine and should last for several more years.
2. When I see pictures of Juliette, her eyes so remind me of my brother when he was a little boy. Pictured here is Ronnie about four. I noticed he is sitting on my piano bench. I recovered the cushion many years ago, but I know it is the same one. It is brown velvet under the current red material.
3. Good news. Richard saw on the STRS website that his Nat membership will be free this year.
4. Bad News. The Nat told us they ended the program January 1 with Richard's insurance. We joined up anyway for both of us.
5. I have a new friend. His name is David, and he is a frame drummer. I found him on utube when I was looking for alternative ways to fix tendinitis. He has a podcast of several hand exercises. My wrist and hand feel so much better that I emailed him to tell him so. He emailed me back saying he was glad they worked and Happy New Year.
6. We have a lot of snow here, but not as much as Portage and Ashtabula Counties.
7. I am greatly enjoying Elizabeth's class on inspiration for scrapbooking. Since I will be at her house the last week of class, I threatened to use her supplies. I have memories and tons of pictures but no paper supplies.
8. This month I am reviewing Happy Trails by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for the church newsletter. I think this book was in every high school library I worked in, but students never read it. I have always been a fan of Roy and Dale, so I hope to generate some interest in checking this one out from the church library.
9. I am going to wear my high school class ring during 2010. I wear it on reunion years, and this is a big one. I remember it cost $35, and I am sure my mother could not really afford it.
10. We are off to the Nat now - and then maybe Starbucks for coffee.


Katherine said...

Juliette really does have Uncle Ronnie's eyes!

I'm glad you're doing a ten on Tuesday!

Marie said...

Thanks for reminding me! I have to work on mine!!

jill said...

I have read Happy Trails! I loved it. I love Roy and Dale too... once wished to be Dale ;)

And, this is my big reunion year too... 20. I should wear my class ring, as it is certainly who I was then. But the wild things gave me a really lovely, very me mama's ring for Christmas, so I am not sure I have the available space. ;) Things change so fast!