Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We received our H1N1 flue shots today. They were free at Stow Munroe Falls Public Library.
2. We visited our Borders Express for the last time. We had to say good-bye to all our friends who worked there. Okay. We also bought a few things at 90% off. Richard took them some toffee.
3. Tonight is the YA book review group at the Hudson Library. I plan to go with a couple of my TMS friends.
4. We leave for Cheyenne in nine days. I need to start making lists to be prepared.
5. We saw Leap Year with Amy Adams yesterday on popcorn Monday at the Kent Theater.
6. I have no cavities, at least I did not this morning when I went to the dentist.
7. When I finished the Happy Trails, I researched the Roy Rogers family to fill in the gaps since 1979. The Roy Rogers Museum closed in Branson, Missouri in December, 2009.
We went there when it was located in Apple Valley, California forty years ago. I guess I thought it would still be there.
8. A cable guy stopped in to see us tonight. He reminded me of my childhood friend Donald.
9. I am meeting my good friend Virginia for coffee at Panera tomorrow.
10.I had an assignment to get a picture of Stow High School in the 1960's, because the Methodist Church met there before building.


Elizabeth said...

I sure do like reading your lists! I think you've seen more movies in your lifetime than Roger Ebert. : )

Marie said...

I am very jealous of your popcorn Monday showings as well...

jill said...

On your YA list, have you read the YA attempt made by Adriana Trigaini of Big Stone Gap fame? It's called Viola in Reel Life.

There are good and bad elements to it, but over all I liked it. The research into movie making by young people and Indiana was very good. If you read it, I want to know what you think! ;)

Beverly said...

I located Viola in Reel Life in a local library. I will check it out next time I visit.