Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Pictured is the showcase the Archive Committee produced recently.
2. I saw a young man at the bank who had Grand River Academy on his jacket. I told him my brother taught there. I did not tell him I used to go to dances there back in the dark ages.
3. Grandma Watson's cowboy hat is headed back to the west.
4. I have a fat lip. When I knocked icicles off the garage the other day, one hit me in the mouth.
5. My favorite football team for the 2010 playoffs is Minnesota. I cheer for old quarterbacks.
6. Jim Tressel makes more than three million dollars a year as the OSU football coach. That's a lot of money.
7. I am currently reading We'll Always Have Cleveland by Les Roberts.
8. We introduced some of our friends to our favorite ice cream this week. Velvet Buckeye Classic is the best.
9. Playing Lexulous is my new hobby.
10.The Superkids are back. Check them out at http://www.Superkidsreading.org


Marie said...

I remember just LOVING the superkids. I may just have to order those workbooks for Lily!

gra said...

I work at Grand River Academy and your blog came up under my GRA searches! Thought it was interesting.

Christina Hartz