Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I lived in northeast Ohio snow belt country as a child. I did plenty of outdoor sports like sledding and ice skating. Mostly we sledded at a big hill in the local cemetery.
2. Elizabeth mentioned she doesn't remember much sledding. What happened to my great interest in this fun sport?
3. We used to be advisors for the church youth group. Once on a winter retreat, someone landed their sled in a tree. The teen was ultimately okay, but not before a scary trip to the hospital. I guess that is what happened to my interest in sledding.
4. This week we saw Shutter Island on Popcorn Monday. I am not recommending this movie, but I found it interesting for a bizarre reason. In the 1950's my father was an auxiliary deputy sheriff. Part of his job was to escort people to the state mental hospital. Our entire family would go on these trips, and I always sat in the back seat next to the poor lady who had to go. The grounds in Shutter Island very much reminded me of my previous experience.
5. My favorite Olympic events are ice dancing, ski cross, curling and half pipe.
6. The scenery is so beautiful in Vancouver that I want to go see it in person.
7. Richard drank some orginal Dr Pepper this week. He did not like it as well as he thought he would.
8. I am reading Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork by Mick Huckabee. I bought it at Big Lots for Three dollars.
9. We ordered our 2010 Ohio State Football tickets this week. I hope the Buckeyes have a good season.
10. I think it is about time my blog had a makeover. I am getting tired of these dots.


Katherine said...

This is a great 10 on Tuesday.

I have to admit that I don't like ice dancing much at all - I'm all about the figure skating.

Marie said...

Did not know about #4. Something tells me that I probably wouldn't want to do that. And for the record, I don't remember sledding at all either...

jill said...

Vancouver is such a fun city! We spent part of our honeymoon there, and my family went three times when I was younger. It's vibrant. And, when you make your plans, allow time to go across to Victoria which might be among my favorite places in the world... If you decide to go, I have a great guidebook I'll send you ;)

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I wonder how it is that you're my mama—I would no more see Shutter Island than eat my shoes. I can't BELIEVE you had to sit next to future state mental hospital patients in the car! Goodness.