Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My brother Ron and I took a trip to Jefferson yesterday. He rented a town house a stone's throw from the old brick house we lived in when the Watson family moved to Jefferson in 1945.
2. We drove through Ashtabula. It was a sad sight to see the house where Grandma and Grandpa Watson lived once upon a time. It had broken windows and a keep out sticker on the front door. During my childhood we always went there for Sunday dinner after church.
3. I looked through the 1931 MAKIO from Ohio State this week. It contained a four leaf clover, an invitation to a dance and the pictured certificate.
4. Last Sunday the pastor mentioned a school friend who moved to Cheyenne. The city named a building after his friend, Jeff Wardle. I want to find this building.
5. Lake Erie is frozen over. It was quite a site. I forgot it looked like that in the winter.
6. I made potato soup this week. That was a first for me.
7. Today I am having lunch with my friends from elementary school. We always have a fun time when we get together.
8. I need to post some old birthday photos featuring people with big glasses. I was not the only one to wear those.
9. My friend Anne suggested we take a trip to China. What would Suzy say?
10. My two very best friends in elementary school went to the lunch today. What fun to see both of them.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I *think* that Wardle place is a detention center/juuvy... you're on your own going to visit it. I don't voluntarily take the girls to such places : )

What did Suzy say??

I love the first picture of the house, though I wish it wasn't abandoned. Perhaps you and U.R. could buy it and fix it up.